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Sideburn Magazine #4


フラット・トラック、ダート・トラック、スピードウェイ・レース、オート・レースなど、 とにかく左回りのレーサーやそのスタイルを継承するストリート・バイクなどにスポットを当てた大変コアな内容です。ヴィンテージ・ダート・トラッカーやスピードウェイ・レーサーなどの車両紹介は勿論、ライダーや縁ある人物、そしてレース史にも触れたマニアックな構成です。ただ単に古いモノを掲載するのではなく、現在活動する旬なビルダーやライダー、そして世界中のカスタム・バイクも織り交ぜた総合カルチャー紙です。

■How to win Springfield
By Chris Carr. What to ride, what to wear, what to eat, how to sandbag. A step-by-step guide to winning the mile.

■Marco’s CCM
Champion of the old world puts in the hard miles all over Europa to race this big-bore CCM framer.

■Don Castro
Seen On Any Sunday? You won’t have seen much of Don, because he had the helmet-cam on his lid. He tells us Who? What? When? Why? How?

■The Boz Bros
A private peek into the Bostrom’s family album. Mom (flying over a table top), Pop (crashing a car), Ben, Torsten, Eric and the story behind these leathers.

■The Phantom
‘You will never feel the soul that lives in every Phantom EG. It is a feeling of déjà vu for an age you never experienced.’

■Jason Griffin
Mono-armed racer who, we predict, could kick the arse of 95% of people reading this. Favourite book: The Bible. Favourite Band: Metallica

Web heart-throb with white pipes, owned, built and ridden by web heart-throb with killer fringe.

■The Mono
Yamaha SR + Deus Ex Machina + Öhlins + Keihin CR + Orlando Bloom = Super Mono.

■GNC Ducati 1000
Larry Pegram’s Lloyd Brothers, GT1000. A Ducati that can not only live with, but beat XR750s.

■Snow Patrol
Ditch the PR flunkies, the grabby fans, the demanding sponsors, the timing sheets and all the rest. Call a handful of friends and go riding. It’s what Valentino Rossi does.

Wrench Monkees Harley Ironhead sporty. When Monkee Nicholas rides it he thinks ‘Girls and kids are smiling big and waving to you, like you are a MOVIE STAR!!! YEAH!!!!’