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Sideburn Magazine #6


フラット・トラック、ダート・トラック、スピードウェイ・レース、オート・レースなど、 とにかく左回りのレーサーやそのスタイルを継承するストリート・バイクなどにスポットを当てた大変コアな内容です。ヴィンテージ・ダート・トラッカーやスピードウェイ・レーサーなどの車両紹介は勿論、ライダーや縁ある人物、そしてレース史にも触れたマニアックな構成です。ただ単に古いモノを掲載するのではなく、現在活動する旬なビルダーやライダー、そして世界中のカスタム・バイクも織り交ぜた総合カルチャー紙です。

■Patrick’s AJS
This long-stroke 500 used to be raced on the flat tracks of America, now it gets crashed on the streets of Paris.

■Project FT
Sideburn’s very own project bike, painted by Death Spray Custom, finished and on the road. You can’t polish a turd, you can only roll it in glitter.

Japan’s King of street trackers gives Sideburn a tour of his shop and the masterpieces he builds.

■How to win a fistfight in a phonebooth
By Sammy Halbert. Sammy is an AMA expert, a race winner, a life-liver, a risk-taker and a genuine love or hate character in the Grand National Championship. Here he shares some of the techniques that have got him in pit fights.

■Dancing with the Devil
Look ma, no brakes! Board track antique Indian still alive and kicking on the dirt tracks of Iowa.

■Rollerball 1
The 1975 classic deconstructed by Alex Cox, famed director of Repo Man.

It’s close to impossible to pigeonhole the bike Hungarian manufacturer Danuvia has built to make their comeback, so we won’t.

■Rollerball 2
The dystopian future reconstructed by a short track racer called Steve, a rollergirl called Minx and a bad-ass Honda Bros.

■Sara’s Triumph
Lane-spitting Triumph + Maxxis DT1 dirt track tyres + Killer fringe.